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... Picasso’s Garage is committed to supporting the community and providing a fulfilling summer camp experience for children who may otherwise go without. Claire’s No Paint Down the Drain Campaign raises enough funds to send children to art camp. Originally conceived as a way to avoid discarding leftover paint, art students create a shared canvas that is later sold to raise money. Each canvas is inspired by a well-known artist, and the results have been outstanding. This year’s proceeds are sending three deserving kids to art camp. (April 2016)

As the city warms up, here are 5 cool things to do with the kids ... Be like Picasso

Toronto’s got no shortage of art classes, but there aren’t too many places like Picasso’s Garage. Located at Bayview and Eglinton, the kids who attend this studio will not only paint and sculpt, but they’ll learn about all the art greats, too, including Emily Carr, Jackson Pollock and, of course, Pablo Picasso. Just like history’s legendary artists used different methods and styles to create their paintings, so too will your child. Try watercolour, pastel, printmaking, drawing and more. The studio also offers a five-day summer camp at Evergreen Brick Works. Now get painting! (Toronto Life 2016)

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Picasso’s Garage

Local artist Claire Nicholls offers after-school classes that teach kids about Van Gogh, O’Keeffe and other modern masters.

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Art Classes for creative Kids in Davisville Village, Hillsdale Avenue E Art Studio  © 2014 Picasso’s Garage. All rights reserved. Picasso’s Garage art Camp runs as an unregistered camp.

This popular Davisville neighbourhood camp takes it on the road this summer and heads down to the Brickworks. Delightful owner Claire Nicholls will offer full day sessions throughout July and August focusing on drawing, sculpture, printmaking, as well as nature hikes and sketching.

Best For: Kids 6-14 who could use a bit of nature in the city. 


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