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  1. After School Classes: Sorry Monday’s full

  2. Mondays Gr5 class is full.

  3. I can make some room for more Gr5s in Thursdays Class just let me know

  4. PS Tuesday’s getting full too


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Art therapy can help children relieve stress, increase awareness of self, and develop healthy and effective coping skills. Children of all ages can benefit from art therapy. Find out more >>

Award: Toronto Life Magazine Best in the city
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Summer Camp 2017: Registration Jan 15, 2017
After School Programs
Monday: Grade 3-4
Tuesday: Grade 1-2
Wednesday: Grade 2-3
Thursday: Grade 5-6

New Programs
Teen Altered Book, Adult Art Club, PA Day Studio time, (winter: Teen Drawing Club)
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Availability (updated Jan19): 
July 17 & 24th weeks are 50% sold out. 
July 10th has space for younger kids but only 2 spots left for grade 3-6
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Hillsdale avenue art school

   Art Classes for creative Kids in Davisville Village, Hillsdale Avenue E Art Studio  © 2014 Picasso’s Garage. All rights reserved. Picasso’s Garage art Camp runs as an unregistered camp.

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My background is in illustration & fine art, and I am classically trained in Graphic Design with a Bachelors degree from OCAD U. Also, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Art Therapy. I am a local mom residing in Davisville Village with children at Hodgson & Northern. I have been running these art classes for creative kids, since 2005 and have taught over 600 students from many of the local schools, including; Maurice Cody, Bessborough, Ralph Road, Hodgson, Sunnybrook, Davisville & John Fisher.

Artist BackGround

Student artWork

Inspired by Paresh Nrshinga Abstract works that concentrate on colour and formthatare unique intheir ability to be at once bold and bursting with energy whilst also retaining an overall delicate nature.

Student Artwork inspired by hunderwasser