After-School Programs

Picasso's Garage offers after school art programs in a backyard studio Davisville Village. Programs are Artist led. > Read More...

Art Therapy

Programs are designed for children experiencing challenges with anxiety, grief, depression, parental divorce, self-regulation, ADHD, bullying, and social isolation.

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Picasso's Garage offers in-school Art Programs, including  Therapeutic Expressive Arts Programs designed to improve resiliency in children by teaching social and emotional coping skills and building self-esteem and using art for self-expression.

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Artist, Art therapist & Studio Owner, Claire Nicholls

My background includes commercial art, fine art and psychotherapy. I am classically trained in Graphic Design with a Bachelors degree from OCAD U. I have recently completed my course work and clinical requirements for a Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy from TATI.  I am currently working on my thesis which focuses on improving resiliency in Children of Divorce. I am a local mom residing in Davisville Village with children at  Northern SS. I have been running these art classes for creative kids, since 2005 and have taught over 600 students from many of the local schools, including; Maurice Cody, Bessborough, Ralph Road, Hodgson, Sunnybrook, Davisville & John Fisher. >> Read more